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here for africa We have more than 150 years’ experience

We’re behind everything from jobs to investment, to clean energy. Our experience will help you uncover billions in hidden trade opportunities

Modern Africa is bursting with potential

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Funding Africa’s future

Energy is essential to Africa’s growth. It’s why we've made a USD 5 billion commitment to Power Africa. Our project financing is giving businesses and communities access to reliable electricity for everything from manufacturing, mining and railways to hospitals, schools and homes. By funding Africa’s energy infrastructure, we’re powering the future.

The key to China-Africa trade

Africa’s trade with China has grown dramatically in the last decade. As has the rise of the RMB as a global currency. With more than 150 years’ experience in China, we're perfectly positioned to connect African companies to the RMB and its growth belt for even greater trade opportunities.

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Backing growth and ambition

We're using our strengths and experience to make it a reality. With over 150 years of supporting the continent’s economic development, we have much to celebrate. Along with a strong foundation on which to continue building a lasting legacy.

Using mobile banking app on the go

A bank in your pocket

You want a bank that fits around your busy lifestyle, so we've launched Africa’s most extensive mobile and online banking platform. With products and services at the fingertips of over one million customers 24/7. We promised Africa world-class products and functionality. We’re delivering.

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Digital banking services

Introducing Workbench, our new tablet-based digital sales and service tool for banking 24/7. Tap and talk to a Relationship Manager for faster new account, loan and credit card approvals. Workbench saves you time and hassles while helping to save the planet as we cut down on paper forms and documents.

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Supporting 1.9 million jobs

Sustainable long term development is central to Africa’s progress. We continue to invest in core growth sectors and forge strong partnerships that deliver real value to the continent’s economies. And to clients, businesses and millions of others who will reap the benefits.

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