Backlinks Are Necessary and Critical

We get your brand published on sites like New York Times, Huffington Post and Yahoo. Seriously, We do! we call it performance PR. You know, the kind that actually works.

Backlinks Are Necessary and Critical

In the land of SEO, backlinks are king. Comprehensive link-building creates a network of websites that are connected to your home, blog, and inner pages. Think about it like a political election, you want to get as many votes as possible from different people in order to win the popular vote. This is virtually the same.

The more places on the internet that link to your site, the more popular your site becomes. Unsurprisingly, this helps your brand’s online authority, presence and trust. Improving your website's authority helps in many ways including better keyword rankings, faster indexing and more traffic.

We've Created a Unique, Two-tiered Link Strategy, Haro & Influencer Marketing



News sources reach out to our digital PR team with storylines they are working on and we get you and your brand featured in those stories, interviews, company profiles and expert quotes.

These features will result in a link back to your homepage from the most trusted sites on the internet.

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First, we have special relationships with talent agencies, celebrities and public figures in Los Angeles. This enables us to get your product and service in the hands of people who otherwise would never have direct exposure to it.

Secondly, we have cultivated relationships with micro Influencers who will review your products or services. This becomes an incredible asset for paid media campaigns on Facebook.s

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